As part of the third issue of Asia Floor Wage Alliance's newsletter, we bring to you updates on what garment worker trade unions and NGOs are doing across Asia.

Mill Mazdoor Panchayat organised a free health camp for textile women workers in Gujarat, India


Textile Garment and Clothing Workers Union joins Sri Lankan garment workers’ protests on May 6

Sri Lankan partners stage protest after unfair arrest of 19-year-old garment worker

Garment workers from Cambodia’s Coalition of Free Trade Unions of Women Textile hold protest with 35 demands

The GARTEKS federation and labor union alliances in Serang District, Indonesia, held a peaceful demonstration on May 25

Sri Lanka’s Dabindu Collective conducts awareness session & training program on workers’ rights & ILO C190

The Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh, held a rally to demand higher minimum wages

The Bangladesh Trade Union Center took part in a workers’ rally to demand fair wages & safer work conditions

Indonesian women’s groups and trade unions protest demanding that their government ratify ILO C-190

President of the Garment Labour Union, Karnataka (India) receives the 17th Bremen Solidarity Prize