Our Partners & Allies


-In process of re-constitution-

– All Pakistan Trade Union Federation (APTUF)

Homenet Pakistan (HNP)

Labour Education Foundation (LEF)

Muttahida Labor Federation (MLF)

National Trade Union Federation (NTUF)

Pakistan Institute for Labour Education & Research (PILER)

– Pakistan National Textile Leather Garment Workers Federation

Pakistan Textile Workers Federation

– Pakistan Textile Garment Leather Workers’ Federation

– Textile Power Loom and Garment Workers’ Federation

– Textile Garment and Clothing Workers Union (TGCWU)

Shramabhimani Kendraya

Revolutionary Existence for Human Development (RED)

Stand Up Movement Lanka

SAFE organization

Save a Life organization

– Labour Justice and Research Limited

– Red Flag Movement

– Commercial Industrial Workers Union (CIWU)

Ceylon Merchantile Union (CMU)

Dabindu Collective Union

National Union of Seafarers Sri Lanka (NUSS)

– United Labor Federation