SUPPORT COMMUNITY KITCHENS: Mutual aid for Sri Lankan Workers

Stand in solidarity with Sri Lanka.

Every donation you make helps provide nutritious food for women garment workers, their children and families.

Aim: $6,300 | Raised so far: $2,200

Money raised so far 34.92%

100% of your donations will go to Sri Lanka Workers’ Community Kitchen. Please state ‘SL Community Kitchen’  as the purpose of donation in the Donation Notes.

How your donation is helping workers run the kitchens

Women garment workers in Sri Lanka are struggling to survive through the worst economic and political crisis that the nation has faced since its independence. Earning hardly 50 – 70 USD per month, and with most of their existing savings wiped out during the COVID-19 pandemic, women garment workers & their families are one of the most vulnerable groups impacted by this crisis.

With shortages of fuel, gas, and medicine, as well as skyrocketing inflation (around 55 percent), the cost of living has drastically increased, and garment workers are UNABLE TO AFFORD EVEN TWO MEALS A DAY. Worst affected are pregnant women, young mothers, workers with disabilities or chronic health issues, who are unable to work – pushing them to hunger and poverty.

The situation for Sri Lankan garment workers could not be more CRITICAL.

From August, AFWA is working with its partners and allies to run three Community Kitchens in Free Trade Zones (FTZs) across Sri Lanka, to distribute 10,000+ cooked meal packets over the next three months. The Community Kitchens would provide nutritious meals, with the most vulnerable categories of garment workers (young mothers, pregnant women, elderly women, women with anaemia etc.) being specifically supported.

Stand in solidarity with Sri Lankan garment workers and their families.

Your donation of $10 can provide 12 nutritious meal packets

Your donation of $20 can provide 25 nutritious meal packets

Your donation of $100 can provide 125 nutritious meal packets

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#SLCommunityKitchen #Solidarity4LankaWorkers