Raising Wages on a Regional Level: The Asia Floor Wage

Workers in a global economy must find regional and, ideally, global solutions to improve their wages and working conditions. As there are some examples of industry-wide wage setting, this study examines these to see what lessons they hold for the prospect of the Asia Floor Wage: a campaign to set garment workers’ wages on a regional basis.

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Raising Wages on a Regional Level: The Asia Floor Wage | Working Paper Series No. 1

The global economic crisis opens space for debate about the nature of globalization and the strengths and weaknesses of economic models. Economists and policymakers have been pushing a neoliberal policy agenda for the last several decades, through domestic regulations, international financial institutions, and trade agreements.

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Raising the Floor: The Movement for a Living Wage in Asia

The neoliberal "free trade" model of development has failed to raise the standard of living for most of the world's people. In this report, AFWA argues that only a regional wage standard - one that is based on labor rights and prioritizes the demand for a living wage - can.

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Stitching a Decent Wage Across Borders: The Asia Floor Wage Proposal

The report outlines the key reasons why poverty wages have come to characterize the garment industry in Asia. It explains why in a globalized industry like the garment industry, the existence of poverty wages cannot be understood without understanding the role of the big garment brands and retailers. The report also outlines AFWA's proposal, aimed at replacing the 'race to the bottom' with something that will lift the position of all the workers of the world at the same time.

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