A Stitch in Time Saved None: How Fashion Brands Fueled Violence Beyond the Factory

AFWA's report documents gender-based violence in fast fashion supply chains. The report, based on interviews with 400+ women workers across 6 Asian countries, explores how the business models of global fashion brands exacerbated garment workers' vulnerability to violence both inside the factories and in their homes, families and communities.

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Money Heist: COVID-19 Wage Theft in Global Garment Supply Chains

This report is the outcome of interviews with 2000+ garment workers from 189 factories across 6 countries to find out how 15 global fashion brands pushed thousands of workers below the poverty line in Asia, perpetrating large-scale wage theft against them.

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Joint Employer Liability Legal Strategy | Legal Brief

AFWA conceptualized a legal brief titled "Joint Employer Liability Legal Strategy: Holding Global Apparel Brands Legally Liable for Labour Rights Violations in their Supply Chains in Asia," to discuss legal actions that garment workers’ unions in Asian production countries could take to hold global apparel brands liable as Joint Employers for payment of workers’ wages and benefits during COVID-19.

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Garment Workers Under Threat from Labour Deregulation in Asia

Last year, as we witnessed governments across Asia hurriedly passing legislation eroding workers’ and trade unions’ rights, AFWA worked with partner unions to understand and analyse the fast-moving changes. As a result of that collaboration, AFWA is now releasing its report- ‘Garment Workers under Threat from Labour Deregulation in Asia – A Review of recent Labour and Employment Law changes in Cambodia, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka’. The report is a comparative analysis of labour law changes across Asia and highlights the commonalities across these nations.

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